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Shelf Life and Display Case Lighting

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PROMOLUX Lighting International makes specialized lighting for food display cases.

Promolux low radiation balanced spectrum lighting is food safe, extends shelf life and counteracts the effects of low grade display case lighting that can shorten the shelf life of perishable foods.

You can combine the merchandising advantages of superior color rendering with the benefits of longer shelf life and reduced commercial losses that result when perishables are protected from harmful heat and light emissions.

What would longer shelf life mean to you?

Extending the shelf life of perishable foods such as meat, seafoods, fruit and vegetables and other fresh goods on display translates directly into fewer discards and higher profits.

The Promolux foodlighting advantage is clear:

    • simply spectacular commercial food lighting
    • food safe lighting for the retail food industry
    • profitable - extend shelf life and attract sales

Other food lighting applications include bakery and dairy displays, deli and food service displays, produce and floral displays, and beverage displays. Promolux display lamps also improve non-food visual marketing displays such as art displays, cosmetics and fine fabrics, especially where superior color balance and protection of colors and surfaces are important.

Promolux Specialty Lighting for Retail Display Equipment in the Food Industry

Shelf Life and Display Case Lighting

The Balanced Spectrum technology built into Promolux lamps is a proprietary phosphor-coating that produces natural, balanced light and filters out damaging ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectrum wavelengths.

Retail food displays can be provided with superior showcase illumination while minimizing damaging visible spectrum and UV wavelengths. Promolux food safe lighting helps prolong the shelf life of perishable foods and other light sensitive merchandise.

Promolux Safe Spectrum food lighting is made to reduce photochemical oxidation and improve the safety of foods and other sensitive goods that must be displayed under lights.

    • Keep foods longer in your deli display case
    • Control radiation damage in seafood displays
    • Reduce produce trim
    • Keep bakery displays appealing
    • Protect dairy displays from photo oxidation
    • Maintain consumer attraction to fresh floral displays
    • Protect beverage flavors longer
    • Promote freshness in food service bars
    • Protect MAP packaged foods
    • Reduce fading and degradation of fabrics

An easy installation of Promolux lamps will turn your display lighting into an asset that also helps protect the quality of valuable merchandise in all food displays.

Food Safe Lighting is Profitable for all Perishable Food Displays

Supermarket meat displays, deli displays with sliced meats and salads, and fresh seafood displays all suffer color distortions when general purpose lighting emits damaging UV and visible spectrum radiation. Poor lighting can slow sales, leaving fresh foods on the shelf to age and deteriorate.

Heat and light radiation from conventional lighting can also unnecessarily shorten the shelf life of sensitive perishables by causing damage to natural fresh food colors and texture and by accelerating bacterial growth, spoilage, and decomposition. Even packaged food displays can suffer from heat and radiation damage, and baked goods on display can dry out and lose their fresh baked aromas quickly under lighting that produces too much heat. With Promoluxfood safe lighting, you can prolong shelf life of all food items, particularly red meats and produce.

Low Radiation Balanced Spectrum Lighting is Food Safe

Fresh foods displayed under lights in display cases always suffer discoloration and other damage by exposure to the effects of heat and light radiation from improper display case lighting. Everyday lighting used to illuminate special display cases is often too bright and produces washed out colors with strong yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum. See more details about the relationship between radiation from light sources and food shelf life.

Promolux Safe Spectrum specialty lighting has been designed specifically for illuminating fresh food displays and has been tested in food science laboratories and universities. Promolux lamps are easily installed in your meat display fixtures for immediate visual impact.

Why install Promolux Safe Spectrum lighting for your display cases?

Supermarkets must constantly dispose of large quantities of fresh foods from their shelves due to photo oxidation and discoloration. Promolux low emission lamps help protect the fresh colors of meats, seafoods and produce. By simply installing Promolux Safe Spectrum lighting, grocers and food retailers can reduce financial losses incurred by having to dispose of foods that are have lost their fresh flavors or those that still quite safe but have lost their consumer appeal due to discoloration from photo oxidation. The applications are as varied as your food shelves.

Reduce discoloration in red meats

Light is the key to meat oxidation. The surfaces of beef and pork that are exposed to regular lighting quickly become discolored due to high heat and UV emissions, compared with the packages below that remain fresh looking. Cuts of meat from the same animal, processed on the same day and stored in the same refrigerated display case, may have varying degrees of discoloration. Promolux lamps emit lower levels of radiation to help extend the shelf life of fresh meat and prolong consumer appeal.

Keep foods longer in your deli display case

In refrigerated commercial merchandisers with general purpose display lighting, meat slices can dry quickly and become discoloredand meat surface temperatures can rise to unsafe levels. Cured meats and meats with herbs and spices discolor attract radiation and can spoil rapidly under display lights. Leafy green salads and fruit salads soon become wilted under display case lamps, while pasta salads require frequent stirring to keep them looking fresh. UV radiation increases the risk of food poisoning from salads containing eggs or seafood and the exposed surfaces of sliced cheeses fade and oxidize when exposed to light. Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps help reduce fading and drying of meats, salads, cheeses to keep them fresh looking longer and prolong consumer appeal.

Control radiation damage in seafood displays

Independent laboratory tests conducted at the University of Zaragoza confirm that refrigerated seafood products displayed under Promolux lighting have lower surface temperatures and suffer less heat and radiation damage than seafoods displayed under general purpose lighting. Lower levels of pathogen growth mean that fresh foods are safer and have a longer shelf life.

Reduce produce trim

Sunlight and conventional fluorescent lighting can initiate greening of potatoes and over ripened fruits and spoilage before they can be sold. The costs of trimming produce displays can account for major retail losses, particularly in leafy greens and vegetables that wilt and dry out easily.

University of Zaragoza tests confirm that refrigerated produce displayed under Promolux lamps also suffer less heat and radiation damage, and reduce the trim required to maintain attractive fresh produce displays.

Keep bakery displays appealing

UV and visible spectrum radiation emitted by conventional bakery display case lighting accelerate the growth of food borne pathogens in confections containing eggs and dairy products, even when the desserts are refrigerated, and can ultimately raise the risk of food poisoning. Refrigerated bakery products displayed under Promolux lighting suffer less heat and radiation damage and lower levels of pathogen growth mean that fresh foods are safer and have a longer shelf life.

Protect dairy displays from photo oxidation

Sunlight and conventional fluorescent lighting can initiate chemical reactions in milk and cheese which result in off-flavors and the loss of nutrients. Photo oxidation can also damage ice cream products in the dairy freezer. Promolux Safe Spectrum lighting produces lower levels of heat and radiation, prolongs shelf life and reduces the likelihood of potential health threats arising from excessive heat and UV emissions.

Maintain consumer appeal in floral displays

Although the heat and ultraviolet light radiated by most floral display case lamps are healthy for living plants, they accelerate organic decomposition of cut flowers and can contribute to dehydration and shorter shelf life. PROMOLUX lighting can help protect cut flowers from premature blooming and keep a fresh appearance longer whle on display.

Protect beverage flavors longer

Sunlight and fluorescent lighting damages the flavors of beer, wine and fresh juices. Commercial beverage display cases are often brightly lit, exposing bottled beverages to damaging wavelengths that initiate photochemical reactions in beer, producing a strong “skunky” smell. Displaying wine and juice under general purpose lighting can expose them to damaging ultraviolet and damaging visible spectrum radiation. Promolux specialty lamps are ideal for protecting best flavors and prolonging the shelf life of beverages stored in glass bottles.

Promote freshness in food service bars

Salad bars need constant maintenance to prevent lost profits from dehydration. Under hot display lamps, leafy green vegetables and salads wilt quickly. The fats in salad dressings, and mixtures containing milk and cream will lose nutrients from heat and exposure to UV radiation, and can quickly become a health threat. Specially designed for the food industry, PROMOLUX Safe Spectrum lamps will prolong the shelf life of perishable foods by up to 50% and reduce shrinkage by 30% to 50% compared to the shrinkage caused by standard supermarket lights.

Protect MAP packaged foods

Modified Atmosphere Packaging helps maintain the quality of fresh foods and high tech materials can extend the shelf life of fresh fruits, salad greens and stir fry mixes. However, the maximum benefits of investing in MAP packaging can be felt only when the products are maintained within a specific range of temperatures. Promolux lighting can help maintain the desired temperatures of illuminated foods for longer shelf life of wrapped food products.

Reduce fading and fabric degradation

Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps minimize the emission of damaging visible spectrum and UV wavelengths. These savings will vary depending upon the duration of light exposure, the type of packaging used, and the product. Promolux is effective for protecting the quality and extending the shelf life of delicate products like silk, leather and other natural fabrics.

Supermarket Meat Display Cases

The shelf life of fresh meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and ground meat is reduced by at least 10% every time the meat’s surface temperature increases by a degree beyond its optimal storage temperature. If the surface temperature rises from -1.5°C to 2°C, the shelf life of meat can be cut in half. As the intensity of the lighting increases, the surface temperature of displayed meat also increases proportionately, regardless of whether the lamp is an incandescent or a cool white fluorescent lamp.

Changing the light source can be enough to maintain optimal temperatures, and to protect fresh meat displays from harmful UV radiation. In a 28 day study, steaks displayed under low UV Promolux lamps and those under regular lamps blocked by Promolux filters maintained virtually the same freshness and bright red color as beef stored in the dark.

Retail Deli Display Cases

Display case lighting causes fading in cured and processed deli meats such as ham, bacon, salami, pastrami, and pepperoni. Packages of deli ham that are exposed to merchandiser lighting become faded while those that are protected from the light remain bright pink.

Commercial Seafood Display Cases

Display case lighting generates heat and UV radiation which shortens the shelf life of seafood. As the surface temperature of fish and seafood rises, harmful bacteria grow exponentially and water is lost though dehydration, leading to lower profits when the seafood is sold by weight.

Grocery Produce Display Cases

Regular fluorescent lights cost up to $1 per foot per day in the produce department due to dehydration, shrinkage, and overripening. Lettuce and soft fruits are extremely sensitive to the harmful effects of lighting. UV radiation causes potatoes to turn green and develop high levels of the poison solanine.

Supermarket Bakery Display Cases

Promolux lamps extend bakery shelf life by up to 50% by preventing dehydration which makes bakery products prematurely stale. Under regular lighting, cream turns rancid, food coloring fades, and chocolates form a white surface film. Bakery products also have a shorter shelf life under retail lamps that dehydrate them and make them prematurely stale.

Grocery Store Dairy Display Cases

Milk develops two types of off-flavors and milkfat turns rancid when exposed to 4 minutes of sunlight, or 4 hours of supermarket fluorescent lighting. Many nutrients are lost in this process, including riboflavin and vitamin D.

Retail Floral Display Cases

Floral display case lamps accelerate the decomposition of cut flowers, causing them to wilt prematurely. Spring flowers and roses are particularly sensitive to UV radiation.

Commercial Beverages Display Cases

Beer, wine, and fruit juices must be protected from any light source that emits UV radiation as light will cause these beverages to smell and taste skunky if they are stored in clear bottles.

Supermarket Food Service Buffet Counters

Display lamps on hot food buffet tables emit radiation that continues to cook the food, drying it out, reducing its holding time, and leading to spoilage. On cold buffets and salad bars, leafy green vegetables and fruit wilt and jello becomes rubbery.

Grocery Store Packaged Foods

Light can damage other foods, such as vegetable oils and any food packaged in clear glass jars.

Visual Merchandising

True color rendering is very important for many non-food applications including art, cosmetics, jewelry, leather, glass, china, clothing, and carpets. Many of these products will fade when exposed to UV radiation.

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